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Spanish tutor in Los Angeles,
Edwin is a experienced
Spanish speaker tutor in Los
Angeles. Spanish Tutor goes to
your home, office or you can
meet at a Cafe or any place
that you feel comfortable to
learn Spanish. Save time
Spanish Tutoring at your place.
Spanish tutor offers private
Spanish classes, semi-private
Spanish classes, Spanish group
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Classes, face to face Spanish
classes, Spanish tutoring at
home for your children.
Spanish Tutor help your
children with your Spanish
homework or to prepare for a
Spanish test, any level Spanish
I, II, III or advanced.
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Los Angeles Spanish Lessons
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Spanish Classes and Tutoring in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Pacific Palisades, West Hollywood, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley
Tel: (661)210-5038
Learning Language Spanish School in Los Angeles
Contact us for information
about our Spanish
Lessons in Los Angeles..
Spanish Classes in Los Angeles. Spanish Tutoring at home in Los Angeles,  Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills. Spanish classes
by native Spanish Speaker Teachers in LA. Private Spanish Classes at home or your office.
(Each Spanish session is three hours class. Each 3-Hour Spanish class is one time per week).
Total of Spanish sessions: Two, and the Two 3-hour Spanish classes are scheduled in two
continuous weeks during the same month.
-  It is the South-West Corner, intersection on Santa Monica Blvd. and Wellesley Avenue.
- Go through the front door and walk halfway to the back of the building.
- Parking is available on the street on the other side of WellesleyAvenue.
- Watch parking signs for daily restrictions.
Spanish group classes in
Los Angeles, Santa Monica!!!!
Learning Language Spanish Classes in Los Angeles makes it simple for you to learn Spanish.  At
Learning Language, our goal is to  guide you to a quick and fluent understanding of the Spanish
Beginning I
Grammar - Alphabet- Sounds and Pronunciation, Conjugation of  Regular Verbs in Present Tense
(daily activities),  Personal Pronouns, Articles, Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns,
Interrogative Words, Numbers and Amounts.
Greetings and Introductions, Social Pleasantries, Telling Time, Communication Strategies for
Beginners, Weather, Months, Seasons, Colors.

Beginning II
Grammar - Conjugation of Verbs in Present Progressive, Reflexive Verbs, Possessive
Adjectives and Pronouns, Adverbs, Prepositions, Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns,
Conjugation of  irregular verbs in Present Tense.
Parts of the Body, Health terminology, Pain and Discomfort, Family and Relationships, Food,
Communication Strategies at Restaurants, Hotels and Public Places.

Beginning III
Grammar - Conjugation of Verbs in Past Tense and Imperfect Tense,  , Affirmative and Negative
Commands, Comparatives, Superlative.
Communication Strategies at Store, Pharmacy, Traveling, Renting a car, and Airport.

Intermediate I
Grammar  - Conjugation of Verbs in Past and Imperfect Progressive, Future Tense and
Conditional Tense.
Communication Strategies for renting an apartment or house, doctor's office, dentist's, buying
in a store, movie theater or workplace.

Intermediate II
Grammar  - Conjugation of Verbs in Compound Tenses (Present, Past and Future Perfect Tense),
Passive and Active Voice.
Communication Strategies at the bank, currency exchange, police station, asking for directions.

Intermediate III
Grammar - Conjugation of Verbs in Subjunctive Tense (Present and Imperfect) and Subjunctive
Compound Tense (Present and Imperfect).
Discussion of Articles and News.
Orientation Diagram of Spanish levels
Knowledge of Spanish language

Levels of Spanish

Understands and speaks Spanish fluently, although
there are some problems in new situations. High
level of Spanish grammar knowledge but mistakes in
the use of complicated structures.
Spanish Advanced
(Level 7)

High level of Spanish grammar knowledge; some
lack in the use of appropriate specific vocabulary.
High level of speaking and reading comprehension.
Spanish Intermediate
(Level 6)

Speaks Spanish fluently on daily topics. Good
speaking and reading comprehension on the whole.
Does not understand everything well and does not
differentiate registers and styles.
Spanish Intermediate
(Level 5)

Speaks on topics of the everyday life with relative
fluency, but with a quite limited vocabulary.
Spanish Intermediate
(Level 4)

Speaks Spanish with a certain fluency in
conversations on every day life topics, although
there are many mistakes.
Spanish Beginning
(Level 3)

Can say and understand simple things. Expresses
opinions, feelings and necessities.
Spanish Beginning  
(Level 2)

Uses and recognizes only simple words and basic
structures: can give information on personal data
and ask simple questions.
Spanish Beginning  
(Level 1)
Tel: (661)210-5038
$ 158. (6-Hour Spanish Class)

Material $ 14. Per level (No text book)

This is a small group and limited space, reserve your seat!!! Call now at (661)210-5038 or
contact us
This is a small group
and limited space,
reserve your seat!!!
Call now at
contact us
Spanish Classes will be held at:

12304 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite #115
West Los Angeles, CA  90025
Spanish Classes will be held at:

12304 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite #115
West Los Angeles, CA  90025