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Learn Spanish at Learning Language.
Learning Language makes it simple for you to learn Spanish.

Our Spanish Classes:

LEARNING LANGUAGE provides the structural and cultural nuances needed to express yourself
in real life situations, whether your goal is to learn a foreign language for communication at work,
travel, or for fun.

Learning Language offers conversational Spanish classes according to your needs:

Private Spanish Classes (1 Student)
Semi - Private Spanish Classes ( 2 and 3 Students)
Spanish Tutoring at home (Private or Semi-private)
Small Spanish Group Classes (10 Students maximum)
Corporate Spanish Classes (Private Classes and Group Classes)
Immersion to Spanish Language
- Intensive Spanish Course
- Translating Services

You will explore the Spanish language through:

Learn in a relaxed atmosphere and flexible schedule for you busy life style.
Bigger groups available for
Corporations and Spanish classes are scheduled to maximized
convenience at your company's facility.
Guided conversation
Listening comprehension
Spanish Classes can be arranged at any time.

Students who have some knowledge of the Spanish, have a placement interview to determine their
level in order to be placed in the correct class.

- Text book costs between $ 15.00 and $ 35.00.
- In some books depending on the level there might be included Cds, videotapes or cassettes.

- The book includes  beginning  level lessons and intermediate level lessons.

- For advanced or/and customized classes we provide materials


- Fees are only refundable or creditable when the school is notified twenty four hours after the first
scheduled class.

- If you are unable to take a scheduled class you have to notify the school within 72 hour before the
class takes place to reschedule it, otherwise that class will count as a received class.

Learning in Private and Semi-Private Spanish at home, your office or at cafes:

Cafes in Los Angeles offer you a relaxed atmosphere much different than you may encounter
in a classroom setting. Enjoy a coffee or tea and have a nice moment with your Teacher while
you learn Spanish.

Let your Tutor go to your place. Private Spanish Lessons at your home. Avoid the traffic in Los  
Angeles and save time!!!.  Feel confortable meeting with your tutor at your home. This offers
you the maximum convenience.

Or any place you choose, where you feel comfortable to learn Spanish.


Checks, credit or debit card.

Tel: (661)210-5038
Enroll now for 8 individual Spanish
classes and get the ninth one
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<a href="http://www.learninglanguageswithus.com/sitemap.html">Site Map </a>
Learn Spanish in Los Angeles, Learning Spanish at Learning Language, Spanish School in Los Angeles
You can learn with a
Spanish Tutor for
private instruction.
Avoid the traffic in
Los Angeles and
save time!!!.  Feel
comfortable meeting
with your Spanish
Tutor at your place.

Customized Spanish
Classes for

Translating Services.
Learning Language, Spanish Classes in Los Angeles, Spanish School in Los Angeles
Learn Spanish in Los Angeles, Learning Spanish in Santa Monica
Spanish classes are
guided by native
Spanish speaker
Teachers in Los
Angeles also you can
learn Spanish in Santa
Monica, Glendale,
Studio City, Beverly
Hills, Brentwood,
Westwood, West
Hollywood, Venice
Hollywood, Pacific
Palisades, Santa
Clarita Valley, San
Fernando Valley  and
more. For more
information please
contact us.
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