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Santa Monica, Individual Spanish Classes in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Venice, Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, West  Hollywood, Westwood, Brentwood, Adult Spanish Classes in Los Angeles.
Learning Language makes it simple for you to learn Spanish.  At Learning Language, our goal is to help
you by guiding you to a quick and fluent understanding of the Spanish language.

We are offering Intensive conversational  Spanish course that provides you the confidence to speak
Spanish sooner than  one hour a week sessions.  

  • Intensive Spanish courses could be customized to your unique needs. Ask how.

For business or for traveling, we offer all levels of Intensive Spanish Courses in Los Angeles for
beginners, intermediate and advanced and Immersion to Spanish language for beginner.

Ours Instructors are qualified and experienced native Spanish speakers and they will share their
Spanish skills with you.

Spanish Immersion Course

Immersion Spanish classes is offered for beginners. Our immersion course in Los Angeles is the most
convenient for you and the frequency will help you understand and speak Spanish sooner.
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Intensive Spanish Course, Immersion to Spanish Language, Spanish School in Los Angeles
Learning Language offers Spanish
classes in Los Angeles, Spanish
Lessons in Los Angeles.
Tel: (661)210-5038
Learning Language,Intensive Spanish Course, Spanish Immersion, Spanish School in Los Angeles
Intensive Spanish  Course, Spanish Immersion in Los Angeles
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